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The following method of ear tipping was used on the following dogs (left to right...Khan, Havoc, Journey, Secret, and Cinder is the one in the tutorial). As you can see, their ears are tipped and do not need weight.

How long does it take to train a dog's ears to stay down? I would say if you are consistent, continue to tip the dog's ears until they are at least 6mths old, possibly longer, it should work. It all depends on the dog. Havoc & Khan's ears were glued down until they were about 9mths old (but I wasn't consistent). Journey's ears were done when he was 5 1/2mths old. Secret's ears were done at 6mths old, and Cinder was about 8mths old. It all depends on the dog and how consistent you are with them. You can't expect to have perfectly tipped ears by doing this method or any method a couple of times. It is very important that when the ears come out (unglued), then redo them, especially when they are teething. It only takes 5-10mins to do this method and you will be happy with your final product. If you're one of those people who say "I'll do it tomorrow" and then tomorrow comes 2-3 weeks later, don't be surprised if you have prick ears or need a ton of weight to keep them over. You get out of this tutorial what you put into it. I can assure you that if you are consistent, glue the ears back down when they become unglued for at least 6mths, you will have perfectly tipped ears for the life of your dog.

How long does it stay in for? Well that depends on a lot of things. Weather, rain/snow, humidity has a lot to do with it. I have it stay in anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks. It also depends if you have other dogs together that are pulling out each other's ears. When we are training the ears, the dogs are kept inside and although they get playtime, they are not left with other dogs 24/7. It does get to be a pain when you are redoing their ears every couple of days because the other dogs are pulling out their ears.

If you're like us, we had problems when we got our 1st Collie with getting the ears to tip. We have tried several methods and used many different products; such as: Japanese tape, Skin Bond, and everything else that people recommended.; but, nothing seemed to work. No matter what we tried, the dog either had an allergic reaction to the glue or their ears became extremely irritated including redness and sometimes they even bled.

We have had great success with this method of ear taping and I have been asked on numerous occasions to help other breeders with their ears. So I decided to create a step by step tutorial. (Don't make this harder than it is)

You can also download this guide in a WORD Document Ear Tipping

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Here is everything that you need to tip a dog ears.

Paper Towel
Zo-Eze (like rubbing alcohol and adhesive remover all in one)
Rubbing Alcohol (If you don't have Zo-Eze)
Moleskin (Walgreens $4.00 for 3pk)
3M Super 77 (Home Depot paint section $9.97)

If you don't have Zo-Eze, you can use Goo Gone (Wal-Mart $3.00-5.00)

Zo-Eze & Speed Sew Available by calling Mel at 951-789-1033 or visiting $5.00; He ships usually the same day.

Note: Zo-Eze does not leave an oily residue on the ears like Goo Gone does. If you remove previous  glue with goo gone, make sure to use rubbing alcohol afterwards to remove the oily residue.

Step 1


Take the Zo-Eze (or rubbing alcohol) and put some on the paper towel and clean both ears.

If there is glue in the ears, then use the Zo-Eze to clean it. If you don't have it, then use Goo-Gone to get all the glue out. Then clean the ears out with rubbing alcohol.

You do NOT need to use starting fluid, etc as some of the other methods teach.


Step 2

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There is a little bump on the inside of the ear

The moleskin can fit behind this little bump (remember this).


Step 3

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Now take the tip of the dogís ear and place it inside that little bump. 
 Now if you look at the top of the ear as it is folded down; this is where
your fold will be (about the Ĺ way point of the ear) Now take the mole
 skin and place it under that little bump. Remember where your fold was?
I marked the fold with my thumb, you can use a pen to mark the mole
skin or just eye ball it. Now cut the mole skin (long ways) to where the
little bump in the ear is, to the fold.


Step 4

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Now cut your mole skin into an L shape. The _ (bottom) part of the
L should be almost the width of the ear and the l part should be
around the size of your pinky finger.  Now that you have the basic
mold of the mole skin, Letís just make it a little more comfortable for
the dog.


Step 5


Make the edges of the mole skin rounded instead of square, it fits into
 the ear much easier and itís more comfortable for the dog.


Step 6

Click on Picture for Full Size Photo

This is how it will fit into the ear (notice itís behind the little bump).


Step 7


Now we will do the top part of the ear. Do you remember where your
fold is? OK, place a piece of mole skin on the top half of the Ear like so.
With your thumb or pen, mark the mole skin from where the fold is to
the very tip of the ear. Also cut it to the width of the ear.


Step 8

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Make note: Place the bottom piece of the mole skin back into the ear
 along with the top piece you just cut. There needs to be a small
gap (1/3 to ľ of an inch) between the moleskin. You do not want
mole skin where the fold is going to be. Now the top piece that you
just cut (you may have to cut just a little bit more off it to compensate
for this gap). The gap is very important, so make sure you have one.


Step 9


Cut the mole skin to make it rounded in the shape of the dogís ear.


Step 10

Click on Picture for Full Size Photo

When you have finished cutting, it should fit inside the ear like so.


Ear Tipping Page 1  2  3  4

Download this tutorial in a WORD Document: Ear Tipping Instructions

If you have any questions or need further help, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


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